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Meet Chelsea.

Chelsea is a dynamic force in the realm of public service and empowerment coaching, recognized for her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to fostering positive change. As a natural connector, she excels in building robust networks, communities, and strategic partnerships.


Grounded in her spirituality, Chelsea leverages mindfulness as a catalyst for impactful transformation. She dedicates herself to empowering individuals to embrace their authentic truth. As a trailblazing first-generation Latina, she is on a mission to elevate the representation of women, particularly women of color, in leadership roles across diverse spheres.

Life Journey.

She was born and raised in Rochester, NY, but spent most of her life in Florida. She was always a high-achiever, go-getter, and forward thinker, and even left her family home at the age of 15, making her mature and grow up very fast. She had her first job at Carvel Ice Cream while attending high school, being the dance team captain, taking honors and advanced courses, running track, and volunteering in her community. Chelsea always aspired to do great things in her life and work hard towards her goals, but even as such a go-getter, she almost didn't make it to college. She was living with a family friend at the age of 15, and did not have the typical family stability. Her father was absent and in prison most of her life, while her mother worked hard as a single-parent. It was Chelsea's desire to break generational curses and live her most authentic life.

Although getting to college was a journey in itself, Chelsea was accepted at the University of South Florida into a summer program for first-generation and low-income students. Finding her path in college was difficult as she had little to no familial support and did not know anyone who made it to a BIG university! She felt super lost at times but being resourceful she joined a college dance team and a sorority full of ambitious Latinas with similar stories to hers. This was her moment to keep growing as a young professional, so she joined the executive board for her sorority. This is where she learned so many of her skill sets, to which she is now an expert in so many areas. Running a sorority chapter at a large university was the start of it all. 


After college, she started her career in the non-profit sector at the age of 21, and over the years she has worked in many different capacities, such as operations, case management, legal, administrative, community advocacy, hospitality, political campaigns, and government. Throughout her experiences, she found herself struggling to find her true voice because most of the time it did not fit the standard “professional” way. This meant that she was never afraid to speak up, or advocate for herself in the workplace, but to her it was simply being her authentic self. Maybe being misunderstood was okay, because now she is passionate about bringing more radical thinking into the workplace. She now teaches women that it’s okay to be your most authentic self through soul-led coaching and workshops.

In Action.

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